Jersey Post seeks customer opinions in annual survey

Posted • 17 February 2020

From today, all households will receive the annual customer survey from Jersey Post asking them for feedback on the postal service and its products and services.

The survey, which was first launched in 2011, has become a key source of information on the changing demands of today’s customers. As well as providing an indication of whether Jersey Post continues to meet customer expectations, it also helps to guide the order of priorities on which the organisation must focus. This has become increasingly important as the market in which Jersey Post operates continues to evolve.

For example, in response to our 2019 survey, Jersey Post focused its business efforts on the most frequent areas of customer feedback:

  • Operational improvements - following customer demand for quicker services, the organisation made several operational improvements to deal better with factors outside of its control and which impact island delivery services. Improvements included modernisation of IT, improved communications channels with the Ports of Jersey and delivery partners, and the appointment of a new operations director to drive continuous improvement.
  • Improved customer care – Jersey Post launched ‘JP’, a Chatbot that provides an additional customer communication channel. The chatbot provides real-time assistance, allowing customer’s instant response to a wide range of customer queries 24/7.
  • A greener fleet - with the largest vehicle fleet in the Channel Islands, Jersey Post has increased the number of electric vans to 75 - over 60% of the vehicle fleet. The vans have made a significant contribution towards lowering the environmental impact of Jersey Post’s business processes, lowering carbon emissions from vehicles by approximately 95% per vehicle, and also reducing noise levels.

In addition, by continuing with the survey, Jersey Post is able to benchmark the levels of its core service provision year-on-year.

David McGrath, Head of Marketing at Jersey Post said: “Our industry continues to face significant challenges which we must overcome by evolving our products and services so that they meet customer demand. The results of our annual survey play an essential part in this process, and we really want to know what islanders think of our performance over the last twelve months. Understanding where we can do better, or where we should be focussing our efforts is equally as important so that we can develop the next generation of service requirements for customers.”

Islanders have until Friday 13 March to complete and return their survey to Jersey Post. Anyone wishing to complete the survey electronically can do so online by clicking here.


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