Digital Storage

Our range of digital services now includes a digital storage solution – the “Digital Vault”. This service can be combined with our customer communications services, or used in isolation so that your business can scan, store and retrieve your business documents.

Not only does this avoid costly in-house systems, but also frees up office space and reduces your overheads through more efficient management of online document archives. Using advanced compression technology, we are equipped to store any amount of documents and can provide fast, easy retrieval of documents via multiple users, simultaneously and from remote locations.

Our service meets compliance standards across a range of industries including the finance, legal and public sectors. Once the Digital Vault has scanned the paper documentation, items are stored in a highly encrypted system that meets legal standards across a variety of jurisdictions.

Once stored, documents can be retrieved from the Digital Vault either by printing and providing hard copies of the original documents or through the management of electronic copies. The vault also has options where documentation can be accessed solely by assigned business users, or the system can be built to provide your customers with access via a front-end portal for self-management and document retrieval.

Read more about how we have supported a range of local businesses with our services:

Case study 1 - Automating Document Management

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