It’s just 4 easy steps to send money to almost any country worldwide.

1. Go into any Jersey Post branch.
A valid form of ID such as a passport or driving license is required for transactions of any amount. For amounts over £500, please also bring proof of address dated within the last three months.

2. Fill in the form at the counter.
Complete one of the MoneyGram ‘send’ form and hand it in at the counter – you’ll be able to include a personal message to the recipient too!  You can choose to include the fee in your total amount or pay it separately. As well as the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate may also apply.

3. Contact the recipient.
We’ll give you a reference number which you can pass on to the recipient of your money. Your money will quickly be on its way around the world in safe hands!

If you are sending money to Brazil, China, Poland or the Philippines, you can also have it delivered directly to a nominated bank account. To use this service simply visit any Post Office or register online at

1. Obtain the reference number.
Ask the person who’s transferring the money to give you their reference number.

2. Pick it up.
Visit your local Jersey Post branch taking some ID with you (passport, EU ID or driving license will do).

3. Collect.
Fill in the ‘receive’ form and collect your money transfer.

Many account deposits are completed within a few hours. Timing of funds availability in your receiver’s account varies depending on destination country and is subject to banking hours and compliance with regulatory requirements, approval by MoneyGram’s verification systems and local laws and regulations. Banking business hours typically exclude weekends/holidays.

MoneyGram is a money transfer service for which Jersey Post is the dedicated local agent. You will need to complete a money transfer form (available from post offices) and then come to the post office with the form, photo ID and the money (cash or debit card) you wish to send. We take the money, process the transfer form and send the money to the relevant agent in the destination country for collection by your contact. The service is usually complete and the money sent in around 10 minutes. We work with over 200 countries worldwide.

MoneyGram transactions can only be completed in cash. Customers are unable to pay on a card at present.

No, all transactions are conducted in Pound Sterling, and not the currency of the recipient's location. 

No, transactions are sent to the country and therefore customers do not need to know the name of the receiving office in the destination country. 

Fees are payable for each MoneyGram transaction that is completed through Jersey Post. The fees paid vary depending on country and amount of money being sent. Jersey Post also offers a MoneyGram loyalty scheme. Please ask one of our counter staff for more details. 

This varies depending on the destination country. On average, recipients have three months to collect their money. Please check at the time of transaction. 

This service is available from all post offices, except the Airport Post Office.

For transactions to be collected from an agent, there are two options to choose from - a 10 minute option and a 24 hour option to agents. For transfers to bank accounts, the service takes 24 hours. 

Yes, you can. However, this is not available to all countries - please check with the counter staff at the time of transaction. 

The MoneyGram service will securely transfer your money to the destination country. In the event of the recipient not collecting the money, we can refund you the money.

Please note bank transfers are non-refundable as they are sent straight to the recipient's account rather than collected as cash from an agent.