Global Logistics

Channel Island Delivery

Are you an online retailer? How would you like to have access to over 160,000 new customers in Jersey and Guernsey? 

Is your check out geared mainly towards the UK or do you offer the Channel Islands as a natural extension of your on-line offer? Are you unsure about Tax and Duty?

Well, it’s as easy as Click-Pay-Ship. At Jersey Post, we’ll look after everything you need to create a truly compelling offer, which means you can introduce new customers to your brand simply and quickly. Or if you already have a Channel Island service, streamline your offer to make your customers experience a delight.

We’ll work with you to create your service, no fuss, no complicated integrations, just a simple service offer on a next day or two day transit with everything you expect from a customer focused express service.

With Jersey Post, you’re in charge, so why not let us work with you today, to open up and promote the Channel Islands for your brand.

Our eCommerce delivery solution includes:


Though government-owned, Jersey Post operate as a fully commercial business providing postal delivery services to all Jersey residential households and businesses, 6 days a week. Whilst also having established trading locations in the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, the USA, Latina America and Australia.

Freight & Customs

Through our South Coast hub, we offer twice daily freight sailings 6 days a week, offering international customs clearance via our subsidiary company HICS and a close partnership with Jersey Customs Agency. This allows for electrnoic detention and clearance of goods, automated customer communications for import tax payments, and enables swift clearance and delivery for the customer.


Full system integration available, including pre-advice, end-to-end tracking, live event sending, item custody monitoring, daily KPI reporting and electronic invoicing.

Jersey and Guernsey's close working partnership allows both island to communicate and correspond on behalf of each other and the Channel Islands as a whole.

Automation & Sortation

We offer fully-automated parcel sortation, sorting and delivering over 6,000 parcel per day, including automated barcode capture for "out of guage" items. Our 120 strong vehicle fleet is the largest in the Channel Islands, featuring over 40% electric vehicles.

Delivery Network

Delivering to over 40,000 households and 3,000 business addresses via 105 optimised delivery routes, we offer Island wide standard delivery, 6 days per week.

Island customers have access to an established alternative delivery network that includes over 12,000 SecureDrop households and 750 parcel locker customers, guaranteeing first time delivery of your parcels. We also provide a reliable returns process.

IT solutions

Feature rich API's to allow easy consignment and tracking, including product enquiry and selection, label generation, manifest submission and event messaging. EDI alternatives are available.

Delivery staff are equipped with the latest hand held technology to facilitate real-time delivery event tracking. Traditional paper and EDI invoicing options with common industry standards supported. Tightly integrated with Jersey Customs, allowing customers to pre-clear items by paying GST in advance.

Looking further afield?

Through our extensive global network, we offer companies and customers simplified worldwide eCommerce fulfilment solutions, worldwide express courier services, mailing and logistics, warehousing and tailor-made delivery solutions including customs clearance for shipments destined for countries worldwide.

Key continents we service include Europe (UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Netherlands), North and Latin America, Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India) Russia and Australia.