Global Logistics

Integration Partners

Delivering to the Channel Islands has never been easier

We partner with a number of platform providers to make parcel delivery to, and returns from, the Channel Islands significantly easier for eCommerce retailers, as well as the end customer living locally.

The perceived cost and complexity of delivering to the Channel Islands can prevent online retailers from offering services to Channel Island customers. However, our integrations enable retailers to start shipping to the Channel Islands more quickly and easily.

Retailer Returns Process

Return items to online retailers with our improved, faster returns service.



Metapack’s shipping platform allows sellers to quickly integrate to Jersey Post’s wide range of delivery services. Using Metapack’s carrier management software and API, ecommerce sellers can create rules to intelligently select the right delivery service for each order based on size, weight, delivery location and customer delivery expectation. 


Using the ReBOUND platform, Jersey Post will continue to process the returned items under the existing retailer payment and service terms, but thanks to the end-to-end eCommerce platform, the postal authority is able to process each return more quickly. For the retailer, they receive real-time visibility of items being returned so that the online restocking and selling process can be easily managed, regardless of the geographic location of the items being returned.


Sorted is refreshingly agile and data-driven delivery software – powering dynamic checkouts, delivery management and delivery tracking around the world. Through partnerships with some of the biggest global carriers and customer-obsessed retailers, Sorted transforms the delivery experience into a delight, for everyone who touches it.


ZigZag aims to increase customer satisfaction when customers deal with retailers, to speed up the returns and customer service process when retailers communicate with customers, and to streamline the returns solution order in all possible ways, whilst creating new revenue in an efficient way that is also environmentally friendly.