Nespresso Recycling

We are pleased to have teamed up with Nespresso to offer islanders the option to recycle their Nespresso aluminium capsules on-island. Customers wishing to recycle their aluminium capsules can find our recycling points in the foyer of Broad Street post office and just inside the door at Rue des Pres post office.

If you are a Nespresso customer and wish to recycle your aluminium capsules, please following the simple steps below:

  1. Order a free recycling bag when ordering your coffee at Alternatively, collect one when you pass the post office, but our on-island supply is very limited and the recycling scheme is very popular, so if you can, please request a recycling bag with your next Nespresso order.
  2. Fill in your bag at home with used capsules, making sure you’ve drained off any excess water from them.
  3. Once your bag is filled, drop your bag of used capsules at one of our recycling points. Currently located at Broad Street and Rue des Pres Post Offices.

It’s that simple!

Please note

• Must be Nespresso capsules only.
• Capsules must be washed and dried to prevent spillages.
• These capsules must only be dropped off in the Nespresso recycling bag and please ensure that the bag is sealed correctly before dropping it in the bin.

For more information on Nespresso's recycling initiative, please click here.