Advertise on our fleet

The Jersey Post delivery and collection network provides great Island-wide awareness for all kinds of advertising campaigns, from as little as £8.85 per week!



Here's why advertising on the Jersey Post fleet works... 



You can't turn if off!

- Block, skip or fast forward.
- On-the-road advertising is an intrusive media - its always on the move.
- Island-wide and demands attention.

6,385+ miles a year!

- That's the average total each delivery vehicle travels.

266 days a year - 6 days a week

- That's the average total each delivery vehicle is on the road.

5:45am - 7pm

- Each vehicle is out and about during peak time morning and evening and throughout the day.


- Each vehicle covers all delivery rounds on rotation, giving you island-wide exposure.

For further information and to book...

For more information, free consultation and to make a booking, please contact our advertising agents Shooht by filling in an enquiry form here, or call (01534) 811029 or email

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