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Please enter your tracking reference number below. Our track and trace tool can be used to track items sent from Jersey.

Jersey Post advises customers sending mail to consider using our ‘tracked and signed services’ as this will stand the best chance of a delivery attempt during this period of extraordinary measures. Please note that as of 18th March 2020 until further notice, we are suspending the payment of compensation for items lost that are sent internationally, or not delivered. Also we are not Guaranteeing next day services to the UK.

Please note that numbers prefixed with UM signify an untracked service and will not return full tracking events.
Tracking Error No tracking information returned. Please check your tracking number and try again.

Enter up to five reference numbers in the format of AA999999999JE, separated by commas.

We need further information to identify your item. Please confirm whether your item was posted in Jersey?

Tracking Results

Carrier Status
{{item.currentStatusText ? item.currentStatusText : 'For detailed tracking information, please visit the carrier website by clicking on their logo to the left, or the ‘visit site’ button below.'}}
{{ getStatus(item.currentStatusCode) }} • {{item.pod.podName}}, {{item.pod.podDate}} {{item.pod.podTime}} Show more — {{}} events Show less
No tracking information available.
Check back soon or contact the carrier {{item.carrier.carrierPhone}}
T. {{item.carrier.carrierPhone}} E. {{item.carrier.carrierEmail}} {{item.carrier.carrierNotes}}
Not a valid tracking number.
Unknown tracking number format.
Carrier Status
Please visit the carrier's website to track this item:
T. {{item.carrier.carrierPhone}} E. {{item.carrier.carrierEmail}} {{item.carrier.carrierNotes}}
Error. Bad tracking request.

Yes, provided that the service used to send the item was a trackable service. We have a Track and Trace facility on this website which can be accessed by clicking here. You will need to have the tracking reference to hand in order to use this service.

The track and trace service available on this website can track any item that has been posted from Jersey to any country in the world, provided that the service used was a trackable service. If you are trying to track an item being sent to Jersey, you will need to make sure that you are using the tracking service for the postal authority in the country where the item was originally posted. You should also make sure that you have the correct tracking number to hand. These are always 13 digits and are 2 letters followed by 9 numbers and a further 2 letters.

Please note that numbers prefixed with UM signify an untracked service and will not return full tracking events.

Jersey Post endeavours to deliver items as soon as they are received on-island, subject to Customs clearance if applicable. In order to receive these items at Postal Headquarters for local delivery, we are reliant on a number of factors such as weather, transport and often several postal authorities in different countries. If the delivery timescales you were provided with has been exceeded, we would recommend that you get in contact with either the retailer from which you purchased the item, or the postal authority in the country where the item was posted.

Although we deliver most parcels in Jersey, there are several other courier companies operating who often deliver parcels from retailers. Only items sent through Jersey Post's network will be delivered to lockers or to your SecureDrop. You will usually be informed who is delivering your parcels, either in a confirmation email, or via a link to track your items if they are sent via a premium service.

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