Timed Collection

Organise a timed door-to-door collection service for your business mail and benefit from a consistent mail delivery time to your office every morning that fits with your business operational processes.

How will my business benefit?
  • Convenient collection time - that works for your business and its internal workflow.
  • Guaranteed collection - relieving your staff of drop off duty and the potential problems of juggling despatch deadlines with urgent work tasks.
  • Flexible contracts - with the option of choosing a monthly contract or ad hoc/temporary use (ideal for businesses who have peak business times or bulk mailings, or even to help with staff cover).
  • Pro-rata billing - we work with your business and industry type to reflect your service usage and requirements, then bill accordingly. We can arrange timed collection for specific days of the week, exclude school holidays or only collect during your peak business months if this suits your organisation.

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