Document certification

Get your document copies certified at the Post Office

If you need to supply certified copies of your original documents, we can certify that the copies presented are a true likeness of the original document(s).

We’ll check up to three original documents against the photocopies and certify that each is a true likeness.

Which documents can I get checked?

We can certify copies of your passport, driving license, recent utility bills and bank statements.

How it works

Once you've checked that this service is acceptable to the company, organisation or person you’re presenting the documents to, you can get your photocopies certified in three easy steps:

Print off a form and bring it with you to our Broad Street or Rue des Pres post offices to have your documents certified.

Download form

Step 1

Once you know which documents need checking, you need to fill out a form for the service. You can either download the form from the top of this page or apply over the counter at the post office*.

Step 2

Bring the form (if you’re printing it at home), along with a card payment option or the fee in cash**, and your original documents to be photocopied or legible photocopies with the originals into the Post Office. We'll perform a check, and certify that each photocopy is a true likeness of the original.

Step 3

We'll then give you back all your documents and your form, plus a receipt.

*This service is currently only available from Broad Street and Rue des Pres post offices.
**We can’t accept cheques for this service.

There is a £12.50 fee for this service.

 The fee covers the certification of up to three documents.

Please be advised that we are unable to accept cheque payment for document certification.

 We can certify the following:

  • passports,
  • driving licenses,
  • recent utility bills
  • bank statements

 Please check with the recipient that they are happy to receive certified copies, and not original documents.

 We cannot certify an already copied version of a document.

 To download a application form, click here.

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