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Simply choose the type of postage you want, the destination and then add the tracking or enhanced compensation you need.

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Step 1

Select destination & postage type

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Step 2

Decide on tracking for the delivery

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Step 3

Choose enhanced compensation for valuables

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Select the format, weight and destination from the table below.

Note: Items containing goods can only be sent as Parcel and Large Parcel mail to international destinations. You can only use Letter and Large Letter mail to international destinations for mail containing documents. Goods being sent to the UK can use any mail format, as long as the correct customs label is completed and attached.

Mail Format Weight Local UK, IOM & other CI
Letter 100g £0.60 £0.98
Large Letter 100g £0.98 £1.65
  250g £1.60 £2.75
  500g £2.41 £3.91
  750g £3.16 £4.84
Parcel 250g £1.84 £4.29
  500g £2.38 £6.73
  1kg £4.11 £9.37
  1.5kg £5.85 £12.01
  2kg £7.60 £14.32
Large Parcel 5kg £11.22 £22.88
  10kg £11.55 £24.20
  20kg £11.99 £26.62
  30kg £12.43 £29.04

Letter and Parcel Specifications


Some things need extra special treatment when sending, an important document perhaps or valuable goods. Choose Signed-for to gain assurance that someone has accepted the delivery, or choose Tracked & Signed to monitor the item on its journey. Alternatively, choose Courier to add extra special handling and monitoring provided by our global delivery partner FedEx.

Premium Service Local UK, IoM and other Ci Europe Rest of World
Signed For n/a £2.95 £3.95 £4.95
Tracked & Signed £1.95 £6.95 £7.95 £8.95
Courier £7.00 £20.00 £42.00 £48.00

Not all Premium Service options are available to all destinations. For more information see our Signed For or Tracked & Signed services.

If an item is lost or damaged:

  • Signed For service includes £30 compensation
  • Tracked and Signed service includes £100 compensation (*note there is a £3.50 charge for £100 compensation on Large parcels)

Choose to enhance this compensation level by selecting one of the options below. 

Cover (up to) £100 £500 £1,000 £2,500
Signed For £3.50 £8.50 N/A N/A
Tracked & Signed Included* £8.50 £13.50 £25.00
Courier Included Included £13.50 £25.00

Gift definition
A gift is defined as an item

  • Sent between two private people,
  • It is of an occasional nature, such as a birthday or Christmas gift
  • where no monetary consideration has been made.

Packages containing more than one gift
When a package contains gifts that are clearly intended for several people, for example, members of the same family, the £39.00 VAT relief applies to each individual person provided the gifts are:

  • Individually wrapped
  • Specifically addressed to each individual
  • Declared separately on the customs declaration form

for example. Its Christmas and you are sending a box of gifts to the UK.

The box contains 3 items.

  1. 1 Teddy bear worth £5.00
  2. 1 box of chocolate worth £3.00
  3. 1 garment worth £50

Each item must be listed individually on your customs form.

Customs declaration forms
When you send an item that requires customs in formation, our system will automatically create a customs label for you.

Paying VAT
VAT must be paid on most items sent from Jersey to the UK. Any gifts you are sending that exceed a retail value of £39.00 will need to have VAT paid on them.

 It is recommended to prepay VAT at the time of sending to minimise transit times and ensure quick customs clearance.

 In addition, Royal Mail may add a handling fee for non-prepaid VAT items, which the recipient may be asked to pay on receipt of the item.

Return address
It is essential that you include a return address on the outside of the packaging. 

Please see cut off times below for same day despatch of mail items: 

Collection locations

Normal boat collection times

Early boat collection times*
(dates TBC each quarter)

Business customers

15:00 – 17:00

14:00 - 15:00




Sub post offices



Broad Street



Rue des Pres



*Please note that there will be a handful of occasions throughout the year, due to earlier tide times, when we must bring our post office cut off times forward to ensure same day despatch on the ferry service. On these occasions we will provide notice on our service updates page. 

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