New and improved SecureDrop etag service

Our SecureDrop service is changing. We are currently piloting a new enhanced service with the use of etags, to make our SecureDrop service even more efficient, reliable and convenient.

The new service

Our new and improved SecureDrop service provides you with:

• Increased service reliability
• Successful delivery notifications
• Improved security of your items

Delivery etags  

To offer these benefits and to ensure the continued improvement of our delivery experience, we will be introducing electronic tag technology (also known as etags). The delivery etags are small and discreet and will be affixed in a visible location at your normal delivery point. 

When our delivery officers scan the etag, it will:

• provide us, and only us, with delivery information for your property
• act as proof of delivery for items, even when you’re not at home
• send a notification email or text letting you know your item has been delivered

By affixing an etag at your property, we can ensure that no matter which delivery officer is on your round, they will always have the correct delivery instructions upon arriving at your property - providing you with a more reliable and improved service!

The etag is a square adhesive tag with an envelope icon on it. We will affix it in close proximity to where we deliver your letter mail and we will try to closely match the etag with the surface it’s being applied to.

How an etag delivery works

Step 1

The delivery officer will arrive at the property with the parcel and look for the etag at the normal delivery point. 

Step 2

The delivery officer will scan the etag. The scanner will then advise the delivery officer of the SecureDrop location at the property. E.g. in the shed or in the apartment mail/post room.

Step 3

The delivery officer will walk to the SecureDrop location advised on the scanner and place the item in the secure location for the customer. 

Step 4

The customer will the receive a real time email or text notification of the successful delivery. If the customer does not wish to receive an email or text, a card will be put through the letter box.