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Save time and skip the post office queues by creating postage labels online!

Postage labels that are created online meet the new EAD customs requirements, and you'll receive a 2% online discount on our standard postage rates.

We have been made aware that some customers are experiencing difficulties using saved card details. We are looking into the cause of this. To ensure a seamless transaction, please check and update your saved card details under the Payments & Plans section of your account.

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If a service to a particular destination is unavailable to purchase online, it is still available to buy at the Post Office. We hope to be able to offer services to all destinations online soon.

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    Please note the label created online is (approx 15 x 10cm) and may not be suitable for smaller envelopes.


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    Please search for your HS code, copy, and paste into the above box. Please note that receiving Customs authorities, in some destination countries, may reject and return sent items if the sender declares ‘Sale of Goods’ and hasn’t included the HS code in the Customs pre-advice information.
    Customers selling goods into the EU, must submit a HS code when they declare VAT payment via IOSS.


UK VAT VAT Rules & Rates

HMRC does not permit pre-payment of VAT for goods and merchandise with a commercial value above £873. Please note, your item may be held until VAT payment has been received from the recipient.

VAT may be payable on your items.

Your selections indicate this shipment is likely to qualify for VAT. VAT must be paid on most items sent from Jersey to the UK. If you are unsure of whether VAT applies, use the link above to view the rules in detail. Note: we recommend that you pre-pay VAT to avoid your item being held by UK customs.

{{request.type.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + request.type.slice(1)}} {{item.description}} £{{itemValue(item).toFixed(2)}} £{{itemTax(item,}}
For guidance, see the link above.
Mandatory, find out more
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EU VAT VAT Rules & Rates

VAT may be payable on your items.

VAT must be paid on most goods sold and sent, from Jersey, into EU countries.

If you are unsure of whether VAT applies, use the link above to view the rules in detail.

Please ensure you submit your number accurately. The IOSS VAT identification number should be 12 digits (IM +10 numerical digits) {{ errors.first('ioss') }}

To avoid delays due to Customs queries, we strongly recommend you include the Recipient email address. Edit Recipient

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After printing, please ensure to sign and select your non-delivery option on the customs declaration form, if applicable.

Customs CN22 and CN23 labels for items being sent to the UK, can be obtained from our Post Offices.

Your Postage Order
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    Goods & Merchandise
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    {{item.sender.firstName}} {{item.sender.lastName}}
    {{item.content.length}} items
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New customs requirements for sending items off-island

Driven by Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulatory changes, anyone sending parcels that contain goods outside of Jersey, including the UK and internationally, must provide electronic pre-advice customs information.

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