Electronic Advance Data (EAD)

(EAD) means providing customs data electronically and ahead of items arriving at their destinations.

Some countries are applying penalties, delaying or returning items in the absence of the required data and we want to help you avoid this.

It’s really important to complete this information online before sending any items. Without the correct customs information, your items could be held in Customs at the destination country and will be delayed, returned or even destroyed.

In some countries, the postal authority will even charge the recipient a handling or admin fee, if queries are raised as a result of incomplete customs information.

If you are posting an item you have sold, you will need to state that the item contains the ‘sale of goods’ and include the HS commodity code.

 Further information on this can be found here. Please note that the customs authorities, who are receiving your item may reject or return items if you declare the ‘sale of goods’ but don’t include the HS commodity code in the pre-advice customs information.