Amazon and Retailer Returns

It is only as a very last resort that we will accept QR codes for Amazon return items. Please always ask for the return address the item is being sent to.  For any other returns items please provide the return address.

The free returns service is not a tracked service. If you wish to track your item through to delivery, or are returning an item of value, a fully tracked service should be used. For further advice, please speak with the counter staff at any post office who will be able to help select the most appropriate service for you.

Three - one on the item, one inside and one as proof of sending.

We can only print these at Broad Street and Rue des Pres post offices.

As the service used is a free return service, we cannot provide a delivery time frame.

No, free returns cannot be tracked and therefore we would be unable to provide proof of delivery. If you would like to track your item then you may purchase this service over the counter.

You would be unable to claim through Jersey Post for your item. This is because the service used is a free return and therefore no postage has been purchased through Jersey Post. You would need to claim through the company that your item was returned to.

Jersey Post cannot make use of the Label-less QR codes for Amazon as we do not have the facilities to scan them.

Jersey Post accepts free returns label using a Royal Mail delivery service, except for pre-paid special delivery bags. Should you wish to send your item via special delivery, then this service will need to be purchased over the counter.

Jersey Post has agreements with certain UK companies to provide free return postage to the UK for goods ordered online. Please check with Jersey Post Customer Services on (01534) 616616 or via email at, or speak to the counter staff at any post office, to confirm whether your label is valid for free postage from Jersey.