SecureDrop eTag

When moving house, log on to your Jersey Post account at and cancel your current service. Once at your new property, you can sign up for the service with your new address. Your eTag must not be removed or disposed of as it will become the eTag for the new residents.

Yes, the eTags do not store any personal or delivery information on them and access is encrypted and only readable by our handheld devices.

The eTag is a unique identifier for your property. Our delivery officers will use their handheld devices to scan the eTag for information on where to leave your items. This type of technology is called Near Field Communication (NFC) and is a contactless communication technology based on a radio frequency (RF) field. More commonly known examples that use this technology are contactless cards and hotel key cards.

Yes, we will continue to deliver to your safe place location, but we will no longer need the barcode that is in your safe place location, as the eTag will now hold all the delivery information and act as proof of delivery when scanned. Once the eTag is affixed at your property, you may wish to remove the old barcode in your safe place location as it will no longer be required.

The eTag needs to be in a visible location at your normal delivery point so that when the delivery officer arrives at your property, they can scan it to find out where your safe place is. There are limited options on where the eTag can go , so we will likely affix it on a flat surface on your front door, either above or below your letterbox. Generally, we will affix one eTag per household, but if you live in a block of flats or shared accommodation we may only apply one eTag in the lobby, which residents will share.

The eTag will allow us to ensure the successful delivery of your items on the first attempt. In addition, we will now notify you instantly by email and/or text as soon as your item s have been delivered.