Sending parcels & letters

Any Jersey stamps can be used to send an item from Jersey to any country in the world, provided that the total value of the stamps applied adds up to the correct postage cost for the size, weight and destination of the item.

We offer competitive pricing for courier services to over 230 destinations world-wide. Prices vary depending on volume. To enquire about a bespoke rate please contact our Business Relations Team on 01534 616617 or email us at

‘Dangerous goods’ are articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Existing regulations prohibit sending nearly all dangerous goods in the mail. Prohibited items (such as explosives and corrosive liquids) must never be sent in the post. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Department for Transport (DfT) and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have agreed new rules with Jersey Post Group for sending small quantities of specific consumer items in the mail. The change means that customers will be able to post toiletry and medicinal aerosols, nail varnishes, perfumes and aftershaves to UK addresses. They also mean customers can continue to post alcohol up to 70 per cent ABV and electronic items sent with or containing lithium batteries within the UK. The updated set of rules will limit the risk posed by those items when sent in the post. Customers posting such items will need to comply with volume, quantity, packaging and labelling requirements.

Please refer to our guide on dangerous goods and the relevant terms and conditions before packaging or posting any items to ensure you meet minimum safety requirements. Please note that specific country restrictions may also apply which you should check before posting any item outside the UK, IOM or other Channel Islands. It is your responsibility to check the list of prohibited and restricted items and any applicable packaging, volume, quantity and labelling requirements that apply prior to posting any item. This list of prohibited and restricted items reflects our general terms and conditions.

European regulations require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to be provided for many products, either before or at the time of first delivery. Section 14 of the EU format SDS indicates that a product is classified as dangerous goods by the presence of a four digit ‘UN’ number. Unless specifically permitted (as shown in the A-Z list) dangerous goods are forbidden in mail.

Some everyday household items bear consumer warning markings which may or may not indicate they are classified as dangerous goods. Products bearing the following consumer warning markings ARE classified as dangerous goods:

Note: A product bearing the corrosive marking (depicted far right above) is NOT classified as dangerous goods if the signal word and hazard statement ‘Danger - causes serious eye damage’ applies. Unless specifically permitted (as shown in the A-Z list) dangerous goods are forbidden in mail.

Did you know that nail varnish, perfume and aftershave, some prescription medication, vehicle parts and some household goods and instruments, may be considered as restricted or dangerous under new legislation? Please see below for a detailed list of examples.

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Jersey Post services are bound by service specific terms and conditions. If you wish to cancel a service, please contact Jersey Post Customer Care on (01534) 616616 or via email at

To arrange a courier online, you must be a registered Jersey Post business account customer, and have an allocated log-in for the FedEx system. If you are interested in using this service please contact our Business Relations team on 01534 616617 or email us at

Alternatively, you can arrange to send an item by courier by visiting one of our Post Offices and asking for our courier or FedEx service.

Click here to download the guide showing the destinations to which you can send items using the Premium Postage service. 

New regulatory changes enforced by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) mean that items of mail containing Goods and Merchandise can only be sent as Parcel and Large Parcel mail formats. Letter and Large Letter mail formats are only to be used for items of mail containing Letters, Cards and/or Documents, with no commercial value.

Unfortunately not. Certain countries and destinations are only able to accept certain services. To see a detailed list of available services for your intended destination please click on the appropriate destination guide below.

Make sure you check the maximum weight limit for your intended country of destination too. Most countries accept up to 30kg but some only accept 20kg or less.

Parcels weighing up to 30kg are accepted in the UK and by other countries. If you require postage for an item heavier than 20kg, please go to the counters in any of our Post Offices where the staff will check the most recent large parcel list.

Currently this service is unavailable online. Premium large parcel services with additional compensation can be purchased at the counters in any of our Post Offices.

Any item that exceeds either the measurements or the weight of a Parcel shown above is classified as a Large Parcel.

Most destinations accept Large Parcels up to a maximum of 30kg, but there are some destinations that will only accept 20kg or less. For items that are 20kg or more, please visit one of our post offices as this service is currently unavailable online. See our Large Parcel destination guide for more information.

The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) provides a postal service to HM Forces. You can use the BFPO if you’re sending mail to:

  • serving armed forces personnel and their families
  • an employee of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), or another official organisation, who’s entitled to use BFPO

If you have a BFPO address, you can send an item of mail up to 2kg free of charge by visiting one of our post offices.

At Jersey Post, we take great care in our deliveries, but there are some things you can do to help us ensure your items are delivered safely. We have compiled a list of top tips you can do to ensure your package is protected through transit properly

  1. Use high-quality strong cardboard boxes or padded envelopes where possible.
  2. Ensure fragile items do not touch the sides of the packaging by using suitable padding, such as bubble wrap or crumpled paper. The aim is for the item to not be able to move within the box.
  3. If you are sending a small item, such as a fridge magnet or USB pen, we advise using a small jiffy or polyethene bag to help ensure your item doesn’t get sorted through the letter sorting machine.
  4. Never use soft cases or jiffy bags to send fragile items.
  5. We advise recycling used packaging where possible, however, please avoid re-using boxes that have lost their strength.
  6. Use strong parcel or vinyl tape on all sides that open when securing your packages.
  7. When sending important paper items such as certificates or art prints, use a tube or strong cardboard backing to prevent the item being bent or creased in transit.
  8. Make sure your labels are securely attached to the package.
  9. When securing your label, make sure the barcode and address information is not covered and is clearly visible.
  10. Write a return address on the back of the package, including a name and telephone number.

We have standard and premium postage services, which makes it easier for you to choose the right service when sending items of mail to anywhere in the world. Simply choose the postage format and destination and then add tracking or enhanced compensation as needed. If you are sending a gift, you can post your gift using our standard service, but we recommend that customers use the premium tracked and signed service when sending items of value (please note that VAT is payable on both gifts over £39.00 and the premium postage). This is the only service available that has full tracking and offers insurance up to the value of £2,500.00. Gifts are currently subject to a maximum value of £873.00 HMRC Notice 143.

All inbound and outbound mail is be carried by boat, six days a week (Mon-Sat), morning and evening. 

Outbound mail is despatched Monday to Friday on the evening boat. Items that arrive at Postal HQ ahead of the cut-off time for same day despatch will make the boat the same day. Mail will arrive in the UK the following morning and be injected into the Royal Mail network the same day for processing and delivery.

It is very difficult to provide exact timescales for off-island delivery due to a number of uncontrollable factors, including, customers meeting collection cut-off times for same day despatch, adverse weather, boat delays/cancellations, early tide times, customs delays, road transport delays/accidents and processing methods within the Royal Mail network and destination countries.

With all these factors taken into consideration, we say that realistically items to the UK, other CI and IoM can take up to 3-5 working days, to Europe up to 7-10 working days and to Rest of World destinations up to 10-12 working days.

There are two daily ferry services carrying mail in and out of the Island. Inbound mail arrives into the Island each evening on the ferry service. Outbound mail goes on the ferry service to the UK which departs in the evening and arrives in the UK the following morning. There will be five outbound (JSY to UK) and six inbound (UK to JSY) services per week (Mon-Sat). 

Please see cut off times below for same day despatch of mail items: 

Collection locations

Normal boat collection times

Early boat collection times*
(dates TBC each quarter)

Business customers

15:00 – 17:00

14:00 - 15:00




Sub post offices



Broad Street



Rue des Pres



*Please note that there will be a handful of occasions throughout the year, due to earlier tide times, when we must bring our post office cut off times forward to ensure same day despatch on the ferry service. On these occasions we will provide notice on our service updates page. 

On some rare occasions, the ferry service may be cancelled due to issues outside of our control. If the inbound boat is cancelled, all mail will be held securely at Portsmouth Harbour for the next available service to the Island. If the outbound boat is cancelled, all mail will be held securely at Postal HQ for the next available service to the UK.