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Posted • 10 March 2020

Some islanders will be receiving a letter from us advising that their postcodes will be changing. The reason for this is because the UK postcode address file system (PAF) which is run by Royal Mail only allows 99 addresses to be associated with one postcode. 

Due to the number of developments in certain areas as well as the number of properties being turned into flats, some island postcodes are becoming oversubscribed. In these circumstances, we are required to issue new postcodes to eliminate the over subscription and help optimise our delivery rounds.

The number of addresses being affected is 800 out of a possible 41,000 residential addresses. We have tried to keep the number of affected properties to a minimum as well as honouring old postcodes for a period of 12 months as we recognise the inconvenience such a change will cause.

We are asking islanders to start using their new postcodes as soon as possible in order to accurately deliver in future. However, we are honouring items of mail with old postcodes on for 12 months to give islanders enough time to change over.

A Brief Guide To UK Postcodes

Postcodes are not static. New properties are constantly being built, old ones demolished, and the Royal Mail sometimes has to re-code within existing areas to maintain or improve distribution efficiency. So postcodes are added, deleted, and in some cases changed on an ongoing basis.

The latest PAF figures show that within the last quarter 5,144 postcodes were added and 1890 were deleted. It is a process that we follow to ensure that the data held on the system is kept current and up to date.

For more information, please click here. 

Customer FAQS 

  • Why is my postcode being changed?
    There are now too many properties in your area with the same postcode and, under the terms of the UK Postcode Address File system (PAF), we are required to issue new postcodes. We have tried to keep the number of affected properties to a minimum recognising the inconvenience such a change will cause.

  • When will the changes take effect from?
    Your new postcode will be live and ready for use immediately to ensure accurate delivery of your items.

  • What happens to items that have my previous postcode applied?
    We will honour your previous postcode for 12 months. However, in order to be able to accurately deliver in the future, we ask that you start using the new postcode as soon as possible.

  • I can’t see my previous postcode online?
    The Postcode Address Finder (PAF) for both Royal Mail and Jersey Post will be updated within 30 days of the change being made.
  • My pre-printed literature has my old postcode on?
    There is no need to throw away any pre-printed literature immediately as will still honour previous postcodes for 12 months. We ask that you update your pre-printed literature upon your next order.

  • Will items still be delivered if I use my old postcode?
    Yes, we will deliver items with the previous postcode for 12 months following the change but we do recommend that you start using the new postcode as soon as possible.

  • What action do I need to take?
    We ask that you update any pre-printed address literature, amend your postcode for online retailers such as Amazon, notify companies that you receive paper bills from such as banks or utility companies and advise your friends / family.


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