Mail Scanning

No need to wait for your letters to reach you via the internal office mail system!  Receive your mail electronically, the same day it arrives, with our mail scanning service.  

We’ll collate and intercept your mail on arrival at our Postal Headquarters and deliver directly to our scanning partner where your mail will be openedscanned and electronic PDF copies sent to you via SFTP transfer, all before 11am each day. 

A nominated administrator at your business can then distribute the PDF copies via email to the relevant staff and departments internally. 

The physical copies of the scanned mail will be securely bagged up and delivered to your business premises the next working day. 


Working remotely? 

Distribution of physical mail can be tricky when you are working from home or away on business.  Receiving your mail electronically ensures you don’t miss any important correspondence. 

Don’t worry about confidential documents 

When you sign up to the service, let us know if there is any particular mail, such as correspondence marked ‘For Addressee Only’ or letters addressed to HR, that you would prefer not to be scanned, and we’ll ensure those items aren’t opened.  They will remain in sealed envelopes and delivered along with your physical mail as normal.  

Still need the original paper copies? 

Don’t worry, we won’t destroy the physical copies of your mail.  After scanning, we will collate your scanned items and re-envelope for delivery to your premises the next day. 

Save time on mailroom sorting  

Opening, sorting and circulating mail, when it arrives in the office, can be time-consuming task. By choosing our scanned mail service, your staff have more time to focus on other work activities. 



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