Addressing standards

Did you know our mail sorting machines, sort over 89,000 items every day?

To help our machine sort your post as efficiently as possible we've put together the examples below on how to address your items to get to its final destination as quickly as possible.

Correctly labelling an address

Local Address

Name of Addressee
House number and/or name
Street name
JERSEY (in capitals)
POST CODE (in capitals)

The only alternative for local mail is where you choose not to put the island, but instead the parish forms the penultimate address line.

Name of Addressee
House number and/or name
Street name
PARISH (in capitals)
POST CODE (in capitals)

PO Box Address

Name of Addressee
Company Name
PO Box Number
JERSEY (in capitals)
POST CODE (in capitals)

Where customers use a PO Box, there is no need for the full geographic address, hence one of the reasons why they use a PO Box.

UK Address

Name of addressee
House number and street name
CITY or TOWN (in capitals)
POST CODE (in capitals)

Top tips for speedy processing

Following the tips below will help to ensure that your posted items avoid any unnecessary delays as they pass through the postal network.

Channel Islands

Please do not include Channel Islands at the end of the address

Sending parcels & letters

Avoid full stops

Letter sorting machines process more quickly if there are no full stops or commas at the end of address lines.

Sending parcels & letters

Always include the post code

Always include the POST CODE on its own in capitals on the last line of the address.

Sending parcels & letters

Include a return address

It's always best to include a return address on items that you're sending, especially those being sent off-island. In that way, any items that can't be delivered can be returned directly to you.

Sending parcels & letters

Any Jersey stamps can be used to send an item from Jersey to any country in the world, provided that the total value of the stamps applied adds up to the correct postage cost for the size, weight and destination of the item.

The parcel collection counter at Postal Headquarters, Rue des Pres Trading Estate is open Monday to Friday  08:00 - 18:00 and Saturday 08:30 - 13:00. We are closed on all Public Holidays. For further information on our opening times, please click here.

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Track and trace

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What can I send?

Did you know some common items such as nail varnish and batteries are considered dangerous and restricted from the postal network? Find out what is safe to send.


Need your item delivered quickly?

Express delivery is a premium option that can be added to any item to ensure a speedy delivery.

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